Beth Winter (bwinter) wrote in little_details,
Beth Winter

Five-letter word starting with S...

Can anybody give me a five-letter word starting with S that relates to the sense of touch?

The situation: I'm planning a series of five interrelated drabbles on five senses. Somehow I've been able to come up with five-letter words starting with S for all other senses (sight, sound, savor, scent) to use as drabble titles, but I'm stuck on touch. "Touch" has five letters, but does not start with S. "Skin" is the best I've beeen able to come up with, but it only has four letters. I could cop out and either use "Touch" or plain "Sense", but the former would make sense if it was the last drabble, and the latter if it was the first one, and neither makes sense within the structure I have.

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