clever little sneak! (likescarecrows) wrote in little_details,
clever little sneak!

scars and hallucinogenic gas

Okay, so I have this character, who is still in my developing persona stages. I want him to have a cut on his cheek (I don't know if it's self inflicted yet - it could be from bullies). Think Frankenstien's sewing scars, that's basically what it would look like. This is very important to his 'look'. How long could I expect that cut to stay? It could also be a scar, which I'm supposing would stay longer.

Also, hallucinogenic gas. I googled this but couldn't understand anything useful/came up with science fiction stuff. My character has developed hallucinogenic gas. It causes anyone who comes in contact with it to freak out - they'll see spiders eating their skin, big birds flying around. They'll see whatever scares them. Are there any drugs now that cause this? It's very important that it's a gas. It has to be inhaled, not ingested.

You get a cookie and a gold star if you guess who my character is.
Yes! It's the wonderful Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow
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