^ (itrasbiel) wrote in little_details,

Procreation question

Okay, so I'm doing some vague research for a setting, and I have nowhere near the amount of biology knowhow needed to figure out this part.

One of the races is made up of highly modified humans- they've been mucking around with their own genetic code for several generations and I'm trying to make them seem very very inhuman, both phsyically and mentally, for emphasis. The current ideas I'm toying with include no concrete genders, and no real sex organs either... but I have no clue what any other plausable methods of procreation would be.

Information and suggestions would be ever so nice.

edit: Oh, whoops, I probably should have written that better. Instead of 'no real sex organs' you should read that as 'no analougous sex organs'... whatever they are, they're not going to be like the usual mammal sort.
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