fydyan (fydyan) wrote in little_details,

Masorti (Conservative) Jewish education in UK

I am trying to find out if religious education through Masorti (Conservative) synagogues is the same in the UK as it is in the US. In the US, there typically is a "Hebrew School" associated with the synagogue, and students attend two or three days a week, after their normal (secular) school day and in some places on Sunday. Students can start as young as five, but many start at eight and continue on through their Bar/Bat Mitzvah year. They study religion, history, culture, Hebrew, customs, prayers, etc, and typically do some Bar/Bat Mitzvah prep as that year rolls around. Classes are set up very similar to a secular school, and students receive grades and report cards. Students go to the Hebrew School at the synagogue where the family are members, and parents pay tuition for each child to attend.

If you attended Hebrew School, or some kind of religious Jewish education in the UK, please let me know if it was similar or different - and if it was different, in what ways. I looked at a whole bunch of UK Masorti synagogue websites, and couldn't find any references to their educational programs.

Thanks in advance!
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