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strong acids on skin

I Wikipedia'd the crap out of this, to no real avail. And I wasn't sure how to word this to Google...
This is a type of acid I've made up, so I'm able to change things about its makeup if I need to. But the basic idea is that it's capable of burning through clothing and skin as well (it's demon spit! yay! :O /random )
So my questions are...

1. Can acids be neutralized at all with water, or does it have to be a base for the acid to be alleviated once it's made contact with the skin? My characters don't have immediate access to anything basic, unless there could be something in the water (lake) they jump into that could be slightly basic.
2. Acids that harm the skin... does the pain/burning stop after time by itself if it's not treated, or would it continue to eat away at the surface it's on until something is done about it? Just in general, I mean.

If any of this is stuff that can be "left up to the writer" let me know, but I just need to know what, scientifically, I can't change about this substance as an acid without sounding completely ignorant. I never was very good at chemistry.

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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