Ambular (amberdiceless) wrote in little_details,

Praise the Lord and...Bless the Ammo?

I've Googled, but all I seem to get is innumerable links to supernatural thrillers and rather violent song lyrics, and I need real-life information.

Is anyone here aware of a real-life instance of someone invoking a Christian or Muslim blessing on ammunition? (If there is such a thing as the blessing of objects in Islam; I am woefully ignorant on that point, and humbly apologize if the question is inappropriate.) Or if it's ever actually been common practice? Time and place don't really matter that much, I just need to know whether it's happened. Also, is there any official church policy (Catholic preferably, but any of the major denominations would do) about such things?

To put it in context, I need to know whether it seems plausible for an earthbound angel, who's been around for all of human history, to be indignant that someone had the gall to bless such a destructive object.

Thanks much!
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