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Weapon help needed--military and federal precision shooting, and specs for same.

Good morning! I was just pointed here, and it would thrill me to no end if anyone could help with this bit of research.

Cross posted from my LJ:

If someone can point me to some links or how to phrase a useful search, or to some books or magazines, I'd appreciate it.

I want to research guns. Well, specifically some military weapons, handguns and rifles. Even more specifically, I need to know about what kind of firearms the federal agencies train on and carry, what's used for sharpshooting in the FBI and CIA and what Marine snipers use. Do the SEALS and the Marine's use the same weapons for long distance? Do the FBI and CIA train snipers? What kind of long range precision weapons are available to the general public *legally*?

And finally, where can I find specs on these weapons--enough to at least not make huge errors in a narrative.
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