phoebe (p_zeitgeist) wrote in little_details,

Moon Viewing in Tokyo

Does anybody know whether there's a spot in Tokyo that a wandering pedestrian might reasonably reach, from which he would be able to see the moon setting? (He doesn't need to see it fall below the horizon, just to be able to determine that it's near setting.) It's probably between two and three in the morning, if that makes any difference; but this is a character who could manage to wander into closed parks or temple grounds without really noticing that they were supposed to be closed, or having security notice him. If there is such a spot, what's the neighborhood like, roughly?

And if there isn't, how about in Nagasaki?

(I've looked in the obvious places, but oddly, travellers to Japan don't seem to routinely want to know whether they can watch the moon set, and from where.)

Tags: japan: tokyo
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