she of the bicolored hair (otoselkie) wrote in little_details,
she of the bicolored hair

Gun-related questions

I bet you're tired of these, but...

I have a character who has a bullet embedded in the muscle of the upper arm for 1-2 days. It did not graze the bone, but they can't dig it out. What sort of pain/sideaffects would she be experiencing? After the bullet is removed (surgically, I might add), what aftereffects will there be, what kind of rehabilitation will she have to go through, and how well can she expect the arm to function afterwords? What would be the best way to treat a wound like this while they were getting her to the hospital? What kind of after-operation care would she receive?

Secondly, what's it like to fire a gun? I'm talking handgun here, revolver or something along those lines. Is there much recoil, or anything else that might surprise/scare someone who'd never done it before? What kind of training would someone be put through to learn how to operate one of these? Once again, I'm looking at handguns only.

Thank you for any help :)
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