Dùlin (lomelinde_sama) wrote in little_details,

More club dancers info needed, and escorts

I just saw someone posted about dancers in club. I need smiilar infos but not exactly the same. If someone knows ...

My story will mostly take place in an all-male gay club. Part of the staff is female, but all they do is waiting tables and stuff like that. The rest of the staff is all male. They are entertainers and escorts. It means that they sing and/or dance on stage, but they do not strip, and they get paid to either keep company to someone in the club or go out with them. This will be one of those occasions where 'escort' doesn't mean 'prostitute', too.

What I would need :
-how much would you be paid if you worked as a waitress in a very upscale night club in New York ? Think very very upscale, I have no actual name to give an idea because I don't know any.

- What would be the price to get an escort in the same kind of place ? I was thinking along the lines of several thousands dollars for a few hours, but I really have no idea. I would need some to know how high I can go. This escort service would have to be something very expensive.

-how much would a bartender earn in such a place ?

This will take place in a post apocaliptic future [EDIT : bad use of word here ><, sorry. This was meant to describe the décor more than the actual state of enocomy and politics. My bad.], so I mostly needs basic ideas of what I'm talking about to be able to extrapolate from there. Thanks!
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