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Occupation: Fandom

Exotic Dancers - general information

Hello. I'm looking for general information on exotic dancers. I've been through the memories and read the entry on charge rates so I really don't need to know about those, and searching the web has been somewhat helpful, but I would really like to know more details. The club the character works at is in California and is not an upscale one. I would like to know things like:

- Do the dancers use costumes? Do they bring them from home or does the club provide a selection for them?
- I know strippers have to pay the management to allow them to work there, but how exactly does the process work?
- What do the backstage area look like?
- Do the dancers have a set schedule, or do they work every night? Do they choose their own schedule?
- Any other general information and/or personal experiences would be helpful.

Thank you ahead of time!
Tags: ~strip clubs
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