sarsalot (sarsalot) wrote in little_details,

Gun shots to the head

I have a character who shoots himself in the head (gun in his mouth) using a pistol. The character's an ex-WW1 soldier, so the gun itself is from that period (it's not particularly important to the plot what kind of gun it is, except that it's small).
Basically he's positioned sitting up on his bed, against a wall. What I need to know is, how much (if any) of his head would be left - would it be completely blown off, or would there be a small exit wound in the back. Would the bullet go all the way through and hit the wall? The other main character is in bed in the room on the other side of the wall and hears a sort of 'thump' and feel a bit of a vibration. Would that be accurate, or would the shot be more high-pitched?
Thanks in advance. :)
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