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This community is some serious awesome. It grew real fast XD It's wonderful.

Anywho, I am not Catholic and have never exactly been party to the whole...confessional...thing. My church doesn't use those booth things, so I have no idea how they work or whatever.

I'm working on a story currently wherein one of the major twists of plot involves a girl confessing, only to find out that the priest is her brother. Thankfully I'm a ways off yet from that point because I have no idea how that

Does the priest just kind of sit there and wait for people to come? How do you know which side to sit on? Does it distort voices any so that you can't tell who's confessing to you or who you're confessing to?

Any information you feel pertains to confessional booths as a whole would be much appreciated.
Tags: ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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