Emily (mysticpenguin) wrote in little_details,

Stopping a cut throat bleeding

I do apologize for yet another "injury and illness" question. I spent about forty minutes hunting around, but all I'm turning up is stuff on choking and strep throat.

One of my characters had his throat slit, though it seems like it might be about as un-bad as something like that gets. The cut is fairly shallow and straight across the front of the neck, and he has people nearby who can get him help pretty quickly. I'm just a bit lost as to the sort of first aid that could be used in this situation. I assume that trying to control the bleeding would be pretty important, but how in hell would you do that? I've always heard to use tourniquets or apply direct pressure in the case of normal serious cuts, but here they both seem like they would potentially do more harm than good.

One other thing: I found plenty of anatomy charts that made it clear the human throat is packed full of stuff that just doesn't want messed with. I get that part. What I was never really able to find was any kind of scale for it. How deep can I let that wound be without it killing him before the ambulance gets there?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)
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