Haley James (haleyj_the_bat) wrote in little_details,
Haley James

Legal Question and Technical Question

I have a few questions which are entirely different subjects, but for the same piece I'm working on. One pertaining to the laws of physics and the others pertaining to California State Law.

1. In California, how many sentenced years would a First, Second, or Third degree attempted murder get you?

2. In California, how many years would you get for statutory rape?

3. If I were to have video footage of someone falling of a building or bridge that was too far away to make out details, could I take that video to someone and have them apply the law of physics to determine that it could not possibly have been a human being that fell? Or could they use special equipment to zoom in enough to make out that it wasn't a person? And if so, who would I take this video to?

Thank you ahead of time!
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