yoonna (yoonna) wrote in little_details,

Can't. Find. Book. Calling all soda experts.

I know what a 'black cow' means; it's a root beer OR coke float(regionally, shake).
What I can't remember is the book I saw it mentioned. It was NOT a cookbook/recipe book; its cover was not glossily embossed 'retro'. I recall reading a review on the book in Newsweek years ago, but I could be wrong.
I believe it was a book dealing with
a) '50s diners
b) well-known confections of that era, such as black cows and banana splits
and did not have a photograph for its cover. My mind supports the fabrication that the cover was white and illustrated with...typical diner vista. Yes, I'm not being helpful. But I've just spent some hours combing Amazon aided by Google, without success. Please, help!

ETA: Thanks, everyone! I didn't find The Book, but Jane and Michael Stern's are a pretty close match.
On a totally irrelevant note, I was raised in Dallas...
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