a_l_ (a_l_) wrote in little_details,

Time Travel and Names of 80's girls

Okay, I know that time travel is a touchy subject and is hard to really find facts on, but I need resources on it. What I'm looking for are published (preferably famous) intellectual insights on time travel and its potential along with any scientifical logic behind it. Also, if there are any sources and books on the subject and stories about those who do time travel, that will help immensely.

Also, I need a popular names for a teenage girls living in the 80's. The catch? They have to be names popular among the Irish community and/or the Asian community. If possible, Pacific Islanders? Thanks for the help.


Sorry for not being specific enough. The names are preferable for girls in the United States, but the homeland is okay too, seeing that most of the girls were raised in their homeland.
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