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I don't think you can do that with a stitched-up gut....

Hey there. A friend of mine pointed this community out to me and I joined a couple of days ago. I have a few of seemingly random questions for this screenplay I'm writing, and was hoping that someone here could help me out. Pardon me if they're stupid, but I couldn't seem to find any good-enough answers by trying Google and other resources.

1. Let's assume that someone was stabbed in the stomach by a thin switchblade, no vital organs punctured or anything. However, this person doesn't go to the hospital and a friend of hers does an amateurish job regarding disinfecting and stitches. Possible infections aside, about how long would it take for the injured person to be fully-healed, or at least able to move around without too much pain? And how much longer would it take if this person is one of those arrogant types and tries to do more work (or is forced into overexertion, as I haven't gotten that far yet) than she should? If it matters a great deal, she's a rather fit young woman with a lot of stamina and has dealt with extreme physical pain before.

2. About how much does an average drink in a bar in Tokyo cost? It doesn't matter what sort of drink, really, as any price ranges would be helpful. If they differ that much, then I guess stuff like whiskey and beer would probably be the most-used drinks in my little tale.

3. Does anyone know anything about the Japanese yakuzas (mafia/gangsters)? Is there a sort of class system within the organization, and is it similar to the American crime syndicates (ie- dealing in illegal arms sales, drugs, and anything else that's indecent and holds a profit) or does that depend heavily upon the type of gang?

Yeah, go me for writing about the Japanese underworld when the only underworld I know of comes from the movies and for living in a bad neighborhood until I was thirteen. I feel like I'm a little over my head, and my snazzy dialogue will only hold the fort down for so long, so any help would be fantastic. Thanks!

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