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Song Lyrics Translation Issue

Hello, I'm new here and I'd just like to say that this community rocks! ^___^

Anyways, I'm having an issue figuring out some lyrics that are originally in French. I know that multilingual is for translation purposes, not this community, but it states in their rules not to ask to translate lyrics. =( Anyways, I've kinda figured out most of the meanings of the lines (I think, but I could be totally wrong) but there are a few that I can't quite get. So if someone could help me out with those as well as check over what I've already got done to make sure it's right (more or less, I need meaning over preciseness), I'd be very grateful.


Tell'ment de gens veulent
Tell lies people want

Tell'ment être aimés
Tell lies to be liked

Pour se donner peuvent
To be able to give for yourself

Tout abandonner
To full abandon

Tellement d'erreurs qu'on
So that one's own errors

pourrait s'éviter
Could be avoided

Si l'on savait juste un peu patienter
If one just knew how to be patient

Donne-moi le temps
Give me the time

D'apprendre ce qu'il faut apprende
To learn this that it is necessary to learn

Donne-moi le temps
Give me the time

D'avancer comme je le ressens
In advance as I feel it

Y'a pas d'amour au hasard
There is no love that is random

Ou qui arrive trop tard
Or that arrives too late

J'appendrai le temps d'attendre

Tellement de rêve qui
So dream of those

se trouvent gâchés
That find themselves ruined

A vivre tout, juste pour s'évader

Est ce que nos peurs valent
Are our fears worth?

A ce point la peine
This point of pain/punsihement

Pour exiger aussi peu de nous même ?
To demand so little ourselves?

Tu auras le temps
You will have the time

De prendre ce que tu veux prendre
To take all that you want to take

Tu auras le temps de nous faire avancer ensemble
You will have the time for us to advance together

Tant de gens se cherchent
So many people look for themselves

Se désirent, se suivent et se perdent
Desire themselves, follow themselves and lose themselves

Donnons nous la peine
Let us give share our pain

De se découvrir, se connaître
To discover it, to know it

Je ne laisserai pas l'amour au hasard
I will not leave love at random

Ni qu'il soit trop tard
Or say that it's too late

Si la patiente s'apprend
As long as I learn the patience

J'apprendrai ce qu'est attendre
I will learn to wait

Je prends le temps
I'll take the time

Pour que tu m'attendes
For the love that awaits me

Le temps
The time

Pour toi
For you

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