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First of all I must apolgise for the term 'mongoloid' that I used in this post. It was very impulsive of me and I should really have gotten a few sips of coffe or cocoa before replying to the question.

Now, here's my question :D

My little story involves a person getting stabbed er... somewhere. I still don't really know where but does anyone know a part of the chest of neck to be stabbed wherein death is almost inevitable, first aid could only do so much and healing takes a long time.

Mind you, think of medieval times where they don't exactly have the medical advancements of today.

This is for my "Quest For Emperium" story, another Ragnarok Online fanfic :D

[EDIT] lol, "almost inevitable" meaning if i decide to let the character live then it would still be realistic and believable :D and if i decide to let him die, well, then he dies :(
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