takenhawkeye (takenhawkeye) wrote in little_details,

Weather sites and bail.

I was wondering about a few things. I used google to try and find a weather site that would allow me to look for the average weather for a certain area and year, but nothing came up. Specifically, I'm looking for the percipitation rate and average weather for Iowa in 1953. Is there a place I could use to find this out?

I'm also wondering about the rules regarding bail and the like. If an adult male is charged with murdering a minor, is there a possible way for him to stay out of jail before the trail? Perhaps a bail is met? I'm assuming he would be told to not leave town, or would be under house arrest. Is this possible? Would he be released into someone's custody, or just watched. I'm talking a very small town in US, during the late '50s. I just need some legal way for him to be out of the jail before the trail.

Thank you in advance.

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