Glitter Fox (franzi1981) wrote in little_details,
Glitter Fox

Diet/recovery after partial gastrectomy

Okay, this question is rather specific, but maybe someone can help me anyway. I have a character who will need to have a partial gastrectomy soon (if you want to get even more specific - an antrectomy, only removing the lower part of the stomach). It's NOT because of cancer, but rather because of an ulcer that is bleeding acutely.

I figured out the recovery phase of it with the help of the net. But I couldn't find anything on diet restrictions, if there even are any. I suppose he'd get nutrition via IV for the first 2-3 days, then slowly back to solid food and once his stomach is "stretched" (for the lack of a better word) he can eat normally again?

But is there any type of food that is bound to make problems? And how long until he could eat normally again? (usually, I know that this is not an exact science ;) The healing goes without complications, so that's not a factor.

And would he have to take any supplements? Like iron?
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