Tina (maian) wrote in little_details,

Stale air and life in caverns

The setting for this particular scene is a very very large cavern. It's about the size of a small town. The cavern is isolated from the outside: there is no path that leads to the surface. There are no major living creatures - plants or animals - in it. In fact it's very much simply rock and the air in between.

1.) Would it, in theory, be possible for life to develop in such an enclosed space? I'm thinking funghi might be expected, or maybe some insects.

2.) There will not be any life, regardless of the answer to 1 - so, that considered - would the air be stale or fresh?

Thank you in advance for your help.

EDITED for title line. I had one, posted to the wrong journal and forgot to C&P it over. >_< Sorry.
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