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Con/Symposium guests

I have a writer character who is going to be invited to be a speaker/guest of honor at a medium-sized literary convention. Unfortunately, I have no idea about how the whole thing works.

Would an organiser be more likely to contact him (or his agent, though he tries to do most of his scheduling etc. himself) by mail or telephone? I imagine once he shows interest they'd mail out all the necessary info, but what about the original query?

What about paying for/providing travel and lodging? Is this only done for bigshots, or would it be for any major guest even if they're not a national celebrity, etc.? I haven't determined yet how far away the convention will be from where he lives, it will probably depend on this.

What would his schedule be like for a 3-day con? He isn't the headliner, but he's sort of the golden-boy newcomer. How much time would he have to himself to attend other people's talks and events? How much speaking would he probably be doing? Would he be doing separate talks on a few subjects, or just one talk repeated at a few times so that everyone can catch it?

I know a lot of these questions won't have definite answers but I'd just like to get a vague idea. I've only been to one con in my life and it was a fan thing rather than a literary thing, not to mention I didn't get to see any of this useful behind-the-scenes stuff.
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