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Explosions, temporary blindness and recovery.

Hi there! *waves* I have three questions about all things having to do with wounds and medical conditions and such.

1) An explosion occurred, and one of my characters, let's call him Character A, happened to be in it. While he wasn't close enough to the source to get killed, he did get a bit screwed up. My question is, what kind of wounds could the explosion cause?

2) Now, Character A is not exactly human. He has only one eye, his left eye, while the other side of his face is completely smooth. After a strange event, he gets a right eye. However, he suffers from temporary blindness in that eye, and it gains its ability to see gradually. How does the process of regaining one's sight go? Do you start seeing certain things before others or something similar?

3) Another character, let's call her Character B, suffers from the following:

- A compound fracture in her right arm
- A stab wound in the side of her torso caused by a sword, entry at the front and sword went right through the back, didn't hit any vital organs
- A fractured collarbone
- Various cuts and bruises

If the healing process is going at a good pace, no infections, how long will she have to stay in the hospital? Will she need further treatment after being released?

Thanks in advance!
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