TF (tortillafactory) wrote in little_details,

Recovery for a gunshot wound?

I posted this question at writing_sex, but I still can't decide which community it fits better.

Roughly how long after a semi-serious gunshot wound to the chest might it be safe for the victim to engage in sex? (Assuming he recieved immediate and skilled hospital care, and there were no complications, infections, etc. during the healing process.) I really hope no one has personal experience with this, but...I just want to make a realistic timetable. And what is it, exactly, that's potentially dangerous about sex? Would recieving oral sex or some other kind of noninvolved foreplay be allowed earlier on in the healing process?

Oh, and if anyone knows roughly how long he'd be staying in the hospital, that'd be helpful too...since he's obviously not going to be getting up to anything until he gets home.
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