clover_elf_kin (clover_elf_kin) wrote in little_details,

Infrared Vision and Doctors' Schedules

Where could I get some useful information on the infrared spectrum? Pretty much all I know is what it is, and I'm not even totally sure of that. I've seen pictures and video footage taken with a night-vision camera - is that the same thing? I'd basically like to know what and how well one can see that way; I have a character who can ONLY see in the infrared spectrum and I have no idea how well she'd be able to get along in the world. It's modern-day magic, so while she was diagnosed eventually, until then they tried things like glasses on her . . . which was a problem, since I'm assuming she can't see through transparent things very well, if at all. I'm figuring she can't percieve light at all (unless she's looking at the source and it's hot), so hopefully she isn't completely blind during the day, but I have no idea if this actually makes sense, either.

My other question is a lot less complicated - do non-emergency-care doctors ever have really insane hours? I'd think they need someone at the hospital at odd hours to do urgent but non-emergency care, at least. I'm hoping for Japanese info as well as American.

Thanks everybody!
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