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survivable jump into water

I googled waterfall jumping, figuring it was pretty similar to what my characters are attempting in this intense getaway thing, but I couldn't find anything about actual heights of the cliffs where people have jumped and actually survived.

For the sake of describing the stunt, how high can a person jump into water without being injured? They're allowed to be winded, sure, even possibly enough to not come back up right away. The water can be as deep as I need it to be, so that's not a question. And if necessary, describe how one would need to hit the water to minimize pain/injury (I was assuming of course, as far from belly-or-back-flopping as possible, more like a toothpick landing than anything, but I've never done this before, and I don't go swimming enough to try it out in a pool... nor would I want to try getting injured just to find out...) So far I assumed a hundred feet, but I'm terrible at picturing measurements of space in my head without seeing an example and someone saying, "that's about a hundred feet."

So.. yeah. Any help you can provide would be.... helpful. *nods* yeah.

[EDIT]And if anyone can provide me with personal expirience accounts of what it was like when you hit the water, that would be even better!! <3 [/edit]
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