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A Medical Question...

Hey, I've been hanging around here for a while, and though what little expertise I have in some areas has yet to be needed, I do have a question I've been pondering that can only be answered by people with experience with the field of injuries.

Here's the Scenario: The Protagonist is half god, so she's basically a lot more tough than an average human. So when hit in the left side of the head by a bullet at eye level, it doesn't kill her or make her bleed to death. However because she's not invincible she would still have serious injury done to her eye socket on that side. Let's say the bullet is an 18 millimeter fired from a pistol if that helps. So I'm certain that the bullet would destory her eye and optic nerve making her blind, but would it necessarily be enough force to knock the eye out of the socket leaving a hole or would most of the eye remain in the socket?


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