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Amputation of wings on winged humanoid.

Since you can't give me wing-amputation examples, I'm asking for speculation, but this is basically the same question as "what are the major issues about amputating an arm at the shoulder with medieval medicine?"

We have, going for our characters:
- This is a completely voluntary cosmetic surgery. There is no infection, they can make pretty close to a sterile environment.
- There is access to magic if totally necessary, but I'd rather not.
- There is easy access to unlimited amounts of dumb luck. If everyone is expecting this to fail miserably, that's fine, so long as there's a chance it can go well.

The patient is about thirteen or fourteen years old, in good shape, and has been flying and using those muscles recently.

From what I have been able to find, I've determined that the best technique for this would be to drug the patient as best possible, tie her down, saw off the offending limbs as skillfully as possible, cauterize the wound, and then keep it clean and bandaged. Any naysayers?

I know that the back is not going to look neat and clean, but with a loose shirt and knapsack over any remaining stubs, I'm hoping she'll be able to pass for human. (Yes, there are muscular and skeletal differences that would give her away if anyone was looking for them, but we'll do our best to disguise that.)

Issues and Questions:

- Will sterilization of tools with fire and cauterization be enough to stave off infection? (I'm asking for a good chance, not certainity.) If not, what? Are any herbs useful here? Having high-proof alcohol would take some fiangling, but possible.

- Being a major limb, there are plenty of blood vessels going to and from the wings. The acting surgeon is going to take the wing off as close to the back as possible. Is a tourniquet necessary? How long will they have, between the first severed artery and cauterization, before the character loses more than a pint and so of blood?

- Will the character be capable of carrying a knapsack across her back? Within three months? I assume so because prosthetics put pressure onto the place where the limb was amputated.

- How long will it take for this to heal well enough for the patient to walk around and act normally?

- Are there any certain things that I'm just forgetting?

This is a sketch to give you a general idea of what kind of wings we're dealing with, if it matters.

Making this amputation work is one of the most important plotlines, so I'm pretty flexible on how to actually execute it. Any information you have would be highly appreciated.
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