Irish-Russian-Tahitian-Click-Tonguian Semi-Savage (amasaglajax) wrote in little_details,
Irish-Russian-Tahitian-Click-Tonguian Semi-Savage

Tests for a teenage patient presenting with severe migraines.

Scenario: Dr. M is an intelligent individual who specializes in neurology and gross trauma to the head (if both specializations in one person are unrealistic please let me know, but I need him to specialize in the head/cranium/brain in one way or another). A seventeen-year-old male violinist, a friend of his, meets him at his clinic after-hours to be tested privately because of a series of increasingly more debilitating migraines. Time is not an issue.

Questions: What tests would the doctor run? What equipment is necessary? Would that equipment be in his clinic, a private one for the well-heeled in modern-day Kumamoto, Japan? Would assistants be needed to run any of the tests? Are there any tests the doctor can do himself? How long would it take for results to arrive? Would the doctor be able to interpret the results himself? (The cause of the migraines is not physical, so nothing will show up on the scans, but I assume there's some medico-babble way of saying "You aight, son.")

Thanks for any light you guys can shed on this matter. I don't even know how to begin searching on this one.
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