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Hey, well, I just joined this community so this is my first time ever posting anything.

I'm finishing the next chapter for an Inuyasha fic called Bacchanalia, which I've posted on Ff.Net and Mm.org, but I'm confused about whether or not I need to specify where I got a prayer from. I mean, we're supposed to credit all our sources, but do prayers fall under copyrighted material? I mean there are so many bibles out there that I'm wondering if it's necessary.


Is it necessary to credit a prayer if it's from a less widely accepted church, for example, a voodoo prayer? (And if voodooism doesn't involve prayers then just keep reading and ignore the example, I know next to nothing about the religion, no insult intended.) The thing is, I want to use a prayer from a satanist church, which I found through their website. The author is given credit on there and they have the following statement at the end of the page where his works are listed: The author gives expressed permission for these poems to be featured on satanslibrary.net.

So he's given them permission to use it, but is this permission exclusive to the site, meaning, must I credit him? And if I must, since Fanfiction.net has strict guidelines about using anything that isn't yours and erases fics that do quote copyrighted works (such as songs), will this give them a reason to delete the fic? I have already lost it once, along with a few others, which I'm sure you understand sucks, and I don't want to risk having another story erased from their system because they might decide just to close down my account instead.

So any ideas on how I can keep the fic and use the prayer? Maybe giving the group's name and mentioning that it's a prayer would be ok? I'd really appreciate any help you guys could give, I'm eager to post, but I can't until I get this doubt cleared up. Thanks again!

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