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Mod post

LiveJournal has a new, nifty feature: tags, which allows you assign keywords to entries. You can then view entries made under those keywords later. I've used tags in my journal, if you want to know what they look like.

We're going to start using tags here.

Right now, anyone can add tags to a post, but only the maintainers can create new tags. The categories are going to be the same as the memory categories, for simplicity's sake. Tags aren't replacing memories, which are still going to be used to archive just the questions we think might be asked again.

The rules aren't changing at all. You guys aren't going to be required to tag your posts, although it would be nice if you want to (saves us time, anyway).

Edit: I'm going to ask you guys not to tag anyone else's posts - only your own. We'd rather not have a renegade with weird ideas about what the tags mean trying to help us.

/mod post
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