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Okay, horror stories, and other things.

It's basically a horror story I'm writing, and I'm interested in the normal cliches of the horror genre. People twisting their heads around is something common. Zombies and kids getting lost, that too.

However, I want to know about psychology things that could make it scary. Not insane, not exactly. They have to be like an idiot savant; putting things together before everybody else, noticing things that could help them, but if they missed a day of their meds they'd go Jason.

I'm planning on bizarre things happening in the story all around the world, including zombies. People will take care of the zombies pretty easily, but there will be other things that will scare them.


1) What would be out of the ordinary so much that would make people know that something is wrong? There are going to be magical people in the story; witches, wizards, vampires, that sort of thing. But it's like current day wherever-you-live. The technology is the same, because magic and technology don't mix, no matter what they try. (If somebody was hurt, they'd have to choose magic to heal them, or technology. Then they'd have to stick with that one.)

What would make people aware that something was wrong, pretty much? Signs of the Apocalypse, the Black Plague, stuff like that.

2) My Google and Yahoo-fu is weak right now, so another question. What were signs that a person had the Black Plague? Where there any signs of illness right away, any "I'm going crazy!" type things?

3) Would you be able to have a character reading a book that was written in real life? Like Harry Potter, Sandman comics, stuff like that, without getting in trouble? Can you also have a part in a restaurant that exists, like McDonald's, without getting in trouble?

4) Could a sixteen year old live on their own? The sixteen year old in question is the idiot savant I mentioned before. She's good at remembering her meds, and she can drive pretty well, stuff like that. If so, what kind of jobs would be open for her?

That ended a lot longer than I thought, but oh well.

Thank you in advance.
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