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informing partner of death of mother in childbirth

I never imagined I'd ever really need to use this community as anything other than general interest and curiosity. Hopefully I'll be able to articulate myself reasonably enough at such a late hour.


First and foremostly, all in a hopsital. I suppose it could really be anywhere in the world, so hopefully some country fits the bill.

Delivery woman person delivers a baby, and the mother dies. (doesn't matter how, in the story) A doctor is present. For the purposes of my story, I absolutely need the delivery woman person to tell the husband the news. Is this feasible? The doctor mentions that he'll go and talk with the father in a few minutes, but it is the woman who needs to do the news-breaking. (not so she can fall in love with the bereaved husband, none of those cliches here thank you! just so she can walk through a specific door and look sad when she comes out again. *grin*)

Also, would he be told in "The Family Room"? Or in the hall? or just anywhere? I assume they'd take him somewhere quiet. Hopefully the Family Room. Or is there a bad news room? I need there to be a specific room!

If it is the woman who informs the husband... how long would it take? five minutes? half an hour? He refuses to see the child, would that mean she'd stay longer, or would that be an issue she wouldn't have to deal with?

Please please please tell me what I want to hear. *grin*

This community is amazing.

I didn't have the first idea where to begin searching for any of the above, I apologise if it is entirely obvious to some of you out there. You're just better than me, that's all.

Thanks very much in advance. :)
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