Jessica (jtersesk) wrote in little_details,

Near-Fatal Car Accident Injuries/Recovery

You all are so helpful with the medical stuff, I thought I'd pick your brains.

My protagonist's father was just in a terrible car accident on the Los Angeles freeways. He is touch-and-go for the first couple of days - they're not sure if he's even going to live. So Question 1 is, what kind of injury might he suffer in a car accident that would leave his life hanging in the balance for a day or so?

I need my character and her father to be able to have a conversation at some point within a few days of his accident (no more than a week). So Question 2 is, is that reasonable, based on whatever injuries he has in Question 1?

I've been blessed enough not to ever have to rush off to see a family member in the hospital, so any other details about visiting hours, what wing he'd be in, etc, would be helpful. Doesn't matter which hospital, as long as it's in LA.

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