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Clouds, Falls and Effects, and Treating Said Effect.

Three questions, same story. I'm not violent, really.

1) How thick do stratus/nimbostratus clouds tend to be, from topside to bottom? Those mountain-hugging ones? (Google's hating on me and serving up some density nonsense.)

2) What effect would falling forty feet onto one's (left) shoulder have? Breaking the arm in more than one place, I'm assuming, but there would be other effects from the fall, like to the back/neck/spine because of the impact, correct? Also, what level of pain might this cause? (immediate/numbing? manageable/overpowering? Person able to concentrate on other things, or absolutely distracted by wound?)

3) How would said effect be treated? Person goes has a friend with her (she's out in the wilderness,) and goes first to his house, then to a hospital or something and passes the wound off as a bad biking accident. How would the friend/friend's mother react deal with the wound while they're waiting for an ambulance? (is an ambulance even necessary?)
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