Nomad (nomadicwriter) wrote in little_details,

Hypothermia question.

The situation: a relatively healthy boy of about 15, not particularly warmly dressed, who's been lying unconscious partially buried in snow. (The unconsciousness is the reason why he's lying there, rather than a result of the cold.) Not particularly extreme temperatures - this would be in England, so probably not far below about 0C/30F - although there's room to fudge it a little because of certain supernatural elements involved. It would be about 15-30 minutes before anybody has a chance to get to him and try to wake him up.


* How badly affected is he likely to be by that kind of exposure? Assuming the unconsciousness hasn't done him any damage, would there be any trouble reviving him, and how much difficulty would he have with walking a shortish distance to get to the nearest house for assistance?

* If he was then taken to a hospital, what kind of treatment/examination would he receive there, and how long would they probably keep hold of him?

* What kind of aftereffects, if any, might he be suffering over the next few days?

Any kind of information would be appreciated.
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