Tallulah (versipellis) wrote in little_details,

Interior of a morgue

Pretty much a direct link from my last question...

What are present-day morgues like? When I think morgue, I think of bodies lying on a table covered in white sheets, but then I remember in Men In Black they had them in kind of... drawers in the wall. Google just gives me information about morgue assistants and how much they get paid, so if anyone can tell me what it basically looks like in there, that'd be much appreciated.
Also, I presume it's kept cool to prevent decay, but if the air conditioning was no longer working and hadn't been for some time, I imagine the bodies would decay 'as normal' (if there's such a thing). Is there anything in a morgue that would make a difference to the speed of decay? (Said morgue has been abandoned for several months.)
Thanks in advance!
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