Nomad (nomadicwriter) wrote in little_details,

Amnesia Recovery & Disabling Leg Injuries

This story concerns a boy of fifteen or sixteen who suffers from retrograde amnesia following a car accident, losing several years' worth of memories that gradually come back to him over a period of about three months. (This takes place in the UK, BTW, whatever effect that might have on the treatment he gets.)

1) Assuming he was in the hospital for some time due to other injuries and was clearly beginning to recover from the amnesia by the time he left, what, if any, follow-up care would he receive? Would he be likely to have any check-ups or further tests with the doctors who treated him or appropriate specialists? Some kind of counselling/therapy to help him deal with it? Or is it likely to be a case of "Bye - sure hope that memory thing works out for ya"? Any idea of who he might conceivably have appointments with and over what timescale would be immensely helpful.

2) Once he's mostly or fully recovered the lost memories, he begins to think he's suffering from memory problems of a different sort. (He isn't, actually; somebody's messing with his head to make him think he's remembering people who don't exist and things that didn't happen.) Who might he go to see to discuss that? Would they be likely to do any more testing on him, or just assume it's something that was previously overlooked and leave him to wait and see if it improves over time?

3) In the same accident, I'd like him to receive some kind of leg injury that leaves him walking with a crutch/cane on a permanent or at least long-term basis. What kind of injury might cause that sort of damage and how long a recovery period would it entail? How many weeks/months from the accident to the point where he would be mobile and able to return to school? (Ideally I'd like him to be returning to school while he's still in the process of recovering from the amnesia, but I don't know whether that could be at all plausible without stretching that out over a longer time frame.) Any info on follow-up care, medication, lingering symptoms etc. would also be great.

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