Tallulah (versipellis) wrote in little_details,

Location of a body

Here's the situation; a Japanese teenager is killed, and the first people to discover him are some soldiers hunting for the person that killed him. He dies in a bar in Tokyo. He's in a foster home, and judging from the situation at the time, the soldiers would be unlikely to bother worrying about who he is, contacting next of kin, etc. Within twenty-four hours, the entire city is destroyed, and most people either flee or scavenge in the ruins; most of the soldiers are killed. My question is: what would have happened to the boy's body? Would it have been destroyed/buried/cremated or what?

I have not yet tried Googling it - if anyone has any suggestions for how to that would be great - or any other help.

Thank you!

Edit: Thanks - looks like I can do what I want with this plot point!
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