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A Harbormaster's Duties

I'm sorry if this is a bit nebulous, but what sort of things would a Harbormaster focus on?

This is the first RP I've ever done. The character I've got is Bai Lei, a Harbormaster on the island of Sagi (both of my own creation, so I've got considerable leeway if needed). The island is rather large, the Harbor being the main feature, and technology about 1800, sans gunpowder or trains. It has a system of mines which has recently collapsed, and the rest is pretty thickly wooded. Bai Lei is in his late 50s, having served in the Fire Nation's army for 30 years and been Harbormaster for the last ten. He is efficient and incredibly loyal to his commander (the Fire Lord).

I've already gotten trade, security (of the harbor), possibility of raids, quartering (if necessary), and transportation. What I need to know is 1) what his concerns might be, and 2) what a man in his position would need to focus on. 3) Anything else you can think of that I haven't mentioned woud be awesome.

I'm also curious as to whether said island is plausible, and if not, what would need to be added or modified to make it so. (4)
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