Renay (heyheyrenay) wrote in little_details,

Explosions and close range.

I suppose I could just make this up, but it's a pretty significant event that moves along all my characters and if it's done poorly I'll look like a goob. XD

Okay, say there was a large event of some kind at a hotel (with 24 floors). A building that size (I haven't actually measured out the bottom floor since it's an obscure location in one part of the story) with, say, the lobby, offices, kitchen, laundry, etc on the very bottom floor...what sort of bomb would be needed in a case like that? What type and what sort of explosives and where would it have to be placed on the bottom floor to throw maybe the first couple of floors out, maybe five? I'm assuming with loss of the structure the top floors would then become unstable as well, but how unstable with just those few floors dealing with it? Is the "only a few floors" thing even plausible? How would this make the building react? Would it just sort of sink down (if at all) or would it topple over?

Second question! For the people outside beside the hotel, how would they handle it? If the bomb was on the first floor, would there be any sort of fire spreading out to the area around the building? Would they be crispy or just lightly toasted or just squished? I wasn't sure; I thought exploding building innards would come at them first, then possibly fire. I'd like to know if I'm far off or close with that, mainly to deal with the after-effects and when the survivors talk about how people were killed in the explosion (besides the obvious, they'll be discussing it in detail XD).

Any ideas would be appreciated; I've been flailing over this for days, unsure. Glad I found a place to ask. Thanks so much. :D
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