mswyrr (mswyrr) wrote in little_details,

a question of animal biology

I'm writing a Doctor Who/science fiction fanfic with a species that uses echolocation as its primary sense. They're based off earth animals like bats. I have a few questions related to the implications of their biology.

I want their ship to be designed for their senses, much like humans design rooms with windows and other light sources for the best visual perception and aesthetics. Is there any particular shape of room that would aid in echolocating? Should the materials of the walls carry reflect sound in any particular way? Since echolocation happens mostly above or below the wavelengths humans hear at, how would such rooms sound to human ears?

Basically, if bat-like creatures evolved into intelligent creatures with an advanced society and culture, on what physical principles would their architecture be based?

Would it make sense for signs in their corridors to be raised symbols, or indented symbols? Which would they be able to "read" better?

Would it be reasonable for my protagonist, who has better hearing than a human, to identify what sort of ship he's being held on based on the shape of the rooms, and the way they sound?

Any thoughts on what their language might be like?
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