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Boy with "mommy and daddy" issues; not sure how to convey.

I have a young male character, human (let's call him Gar). He's about thirteen at the moment (in fic). He lost his parents when he was eight years old--- they died of an illness they'd spent months working to cure him of. In fact, his entire household died of that illness. Even the animals. He then fled the house in a frenzy, and, eventually reaching a city, he stepped out in front of a car. The car swerved to avoid him, but wound up crashing into a family of four, all pedestrians on the same road. He watched the family die.

Ever since his parents' deaths, Gar has had a history of becoming attached to older people as parent figures. Basically, everywhere he goes, he reinvents his parents for himself. He leeches on.

In the "current day" of the fic, Gar has just arrived at a group home. He is latching onto the "leader-type" in his therapy group, a seventeen year old young man, as his father, and the most distant person in his therapy group, a sixteen year old girl, as his new mother.

I've been trying to come up with a way to show the unhealthy attachment he's forming with these new "parents".

He's seriously emotionally disturbed, probably suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, and all of this is on top of the mental and emotional problems he had before his parents died. He was a psychotic little bastard before his parents died. Their deaths didn't much help.

Anybody have any ideas on portraying my loveable little crazy?
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