Reversed Palindrome (revelcosmi) wrote in little_details,
Reversed Palindrome

Social/developmental impairment and low IQ.

Hi all, I'm new here.  I hope my questions haven't been asked before (at least quite this way), but if so, feel free to smack me for not checking.  I'd also like to apologize in advance if I'm confusing or vague, as I'm not quite sure how to describe my queries.

Anyway, for a bit of background, I have a character that is, to be un-PC, rather retarded both socially and mentally.  He's about 17 years old now, and I'd guess his social skills and mental age are more at a 8-10 year olds level.  This is due in part to being severely bullied in school, and a very rigid, strict school system that didn't allow for slower-learning children or attempt to stop the harassment, as well as possible dyslexia/Asperger's Syndrome.

(Note: I am not saying that people with dyslexia or Asperger's are "retarded" -- I'm just trying to explain my character's problems. [/covering butt])

What I would like to know is, how should I go about portraying someone that has a below average IQ?

I've stuck mostly to showing that he has difficulty with "big words" and he can be very absent-minded, but I'm not sure if that's enough, or entirely accurate.  I admit I don't have much experience dealing with people like him, and though I have some lack of social skills, I have a slightly above average IQ, according to various tests given by medical professionals (whatever that might mean, heh).

As far as my character lacking social skills, I've made him very introverted and extremely shy, but quite gullible and trusting toward authority figures, and/or people older and more experienced than he is.  To quote a friend's summary of his personality, he's like a kicked puppy -- no matter how many times his trust is abused or broken, he still clings to the belief that it's probably his own fault somehow, and that he just needs to try harder to please someone, i.e. he comes back for more, and is reluctant to admit that some people deliberately take advantage of him.

I'd like to know if any of you have experiences with this type of person, and how you've interacted with them.  Anything would help, even if it's a ramble.
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