Graabir Boubi, the fucking ruckus wind (101486) wrote in little_details,
Graabir Boubi, the fucking ruckus wind


Okay, so, I have a character who has just submitted an application online to work in print/fashion modeling. She is 18, turning 19 in a few weeks, and where she lives, this is the legal age to do everything but get piss-drunk, so age isn't a problem. She's fairly tall (5'11"), attractive (I guess you could say), has the funds to pay for everything, etc., so my questions are:

How long would it take for her to get a response? If positive, would it include something like a studio address, a desire to see a portfolio, etc? When could she be actively working/appearing in print?

Anyone who has personal experience in the world of modeling would be a great help. Thanks to all of you you read this. ;) ♥
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