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Question about burning and burn victims


I have a chapter coming up that involves a witch burning.

My question is: How long could a person who was set on fire live? There will be powerful magic used in her healing, so she just needs to be alive, not healable by mundane medicine.

Also, what condition would a person's skin/body be in at the point where they are burned almost to death? I want to have an accurate description, and I'm not sure how to search for that.

I am pretty sure there isn't a lot of time for big fight scenes before she is rescued from the fire, but I want the length of time before she is rescued to be tense, without being unrealistic & unbelievable.

Thank you in advance for any help!

ETA. Thanks for all the info! I have enough to start with now. This is a very useful community!
Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation
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