Pico the Great (pico_the_great) wrote in little_details,
Pico the Great

Poker and guns.

1.) What is the first call in a game of poker? Rather, what does the dealer say to open the game up, and how is the game started? (Bidding? "Raise," "see," what?)

It's just a bit of filler wording I need so that I don't soud like a nincompoop in the way of poker, which is what I am, really.

2.) A shot to the head would incapacitate/kill a person immediately, am I right? Or would there be a one or two second interval between the shot and the person's falling down? (The character in question is currently standing and holding a girl hostage in front of him; he gets shot and I'm tryng to figure out whether he'd have time to pull the trigger.)
Tags: ~games, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~weapons: firearms

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