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"Hook up"?

Hello everyone,

I have a rather idiotic question right now. You see, the female character I'm currently writing is describing the way she "got together" with a man; I started to type in the words "hook up" but I'm not completely sure if that's the right phrase to use.

Does "hooking up" necessarily mean sleeping with someone, as in a one-night stand (or the beginning of a long-term relationship, even)? The way she is saying it, my character has not slept with the man in question... yet. Can the phrase "hook up" be used in the context I mean it to be? If not, what words can I use to write this?

Edit: just to clarify exactly what her relationship with the man was while they "got together", they had been friends, and neither of them in a relationship with any other person. When they had gotten together, the only physical sign of affection they displayed to one another were hugs and a small, very chaste, kiss on the lips. Thanks again =)


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